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The office of Get Ajour Publishing is situated at the foot of Kronborg Castle – which is no coincidence. From the moment our customers set foot on the castle grounds, they find themselves in the middle of a piece of world heritage. They are officially in the company of the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, and the Statue of Liberty.

They find themselves in a place which is deemed to hold a significant importance to the shared world heritage of humanity. They find themselves in a place which has a direct connection to Denmark’s grand history, to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, and to a slumbering legend in the cellar.

At Kronborg, storytelling is a focal point. During a visit your senses are tingled by audio installations, which add the quiet sounds of hooves and boots on cobblestones, by the metallic taste of aging bricks and damp passages, and by the visual encounters with electronically controlled shadowy reflections, beautifully decorated ballrooms, and storytellers dressed in renaissance clothing.

Kronborg excells at storytelling and is a perfect demonstration of the value of this discipline which the storytelling agency Get Ajour, and its associated publishing company, specialize in.

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Picture: Ole Fosvald

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