Kronborg – Stories Untold

kr. 441,00

English Edition, release on June 19th

Danish history – as it’s never been told before

14 true tales from the lives of the people who daily tend to one of the world’s most famed castles. 14 dramatized tales of destiny from the last 600 years of Danish history. In total: 28 tales of Kronborg – the home of Shakespeare’s mad king Hamlet and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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The bricklayer who faced death and daily sends a loving thought to the people he lost’. The queen who found herself in prison while her lover was executed’. ‘The event planner who survived a plane crash and found joy in the smaller things in life’. ‘The slave who chose death over a lifetime of toiling on the castle grounds’.

Meet these destinies and many more from Kronborg Castle’s present and past, when this book’s photos and stories offer a view into Scandinavian history as it’s never been shown before. Told by the people working the floor, rather than the royalty decorating the walls.

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