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Anja Klemp Vilgaard

“Stories create understanding and a sense of community”

Have you ever considered how many stories you tell in your personal life – amongst friends, colleagues, dinner guests, competitors, and family? Have you considered how happily you enter into other people’s stories – in the flesh as well as from behind your screen, desk, computer, newspaper, magazine… and book? Have you considered how rarely you use storytelling in your daily professional life, and how much you stand to gain by doing so – now, rather than later?…

Charlotte Emmery

”Days, we forget – but moments we remember.”

Charlotte Emmery is an educator, entertainer, guide, lecturer, and co-author of the book ”Man synger da ikke på et universitet- en værktøjsbog om værtskab og oplevelser”.

The university students exchange uncertain and surprised glances when she gleefully says: “Let’s start out with a song”…

Nanna Balsby

“Great hosting begins with great experiences”

In collaboration with Charlotte Emmery, Nanna as authored the book “Man synger da ikke på et universitet“. The book is a colourful and sensuous collection of main theories and talking points from the fields of hosting and events, made down-to-earth through the use of cases and stories from the authors’ many years in the business.

“The combination of cases, illustrations, and photos is exactly what is important in order to get the core messages of the tools and theories implemented into tourism businesses, cultural organisations etc.” Nanna emphasises…

Anders Espersen Marlow (photographer)

”To me stories are visual”

Anders has 25 years of experience with creating just the right expression and story, according to the wishes of his clients. His pictures are built from the ground up, and he actively uses technology.

Think and shoot! That’s the recipe for a day in Anders Espersen Marlow’s universe – a universe of expressive pictures, a focus on details, and an exceptionally steady hand when it comes to creating just the right expression…

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