Writer and photographer

Anders Espersen Marlow


To me stories are visual

Anders has 25 years of experience with creating just the right expression and story, according to the wishes of his clients. His pictures are built from the ground up, and he actively uses technology.

Think and shoot! That’s the recipe for a day in Anders Espersen Marlow’s universe – a universe of expressive pictures, a focus on details, and an exceptionally steady hand when it comes to creating just the right expression. The ideal story requires background knowledge, the ability to get close to the people that he’s photographing – and then, of course, the right lighting, the right set-up and the right equipment.

“I’m not a street- or news photographer. My reality is constructed. I work completely differently from the press photographer, who takes a quick picture of reality, and often covers several stories a day. I build a scenario. It’s allowed to look random, but only if it serves a purpose” he says and adds that his process and editing takes a long time and requires significant mental processing.

“When I started working on the Kronborg book, it became an ever evolving project, and I am deeply grateful for the great amount of trust and the many hours, which the people in the book have allowed me throughout the process,” says Anders Espersen Marlow, who is happy to have been given the possibility to follow the castle’s workers as they went through their day with a camera hovering behind them.

“It has been incredible to be allowed into places which most people will never experience, to bear witness to the amazing commitment of these people – and to enjoy their understanding of the fact that great pictures simply aren’t made in an hour.”

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