Educator, writer, and lecturer

Charlotte Emmery

Charlotte Emmery

Let's begin with a song...

Charlotte Emmery is an educator, entertainer, guide, lecturer, and co-author of the book ”Man synger da ikke på et universitet- en værktøjsbog om værtskab og oplevelser”.

The university students exchange uncertain and surprised glances when she gleefully says: “Let’s begin with a song”.

“A few of them feel that it’s outside of their comfort zone, and they don’t really know what to think. But oddly enough, it’s often the one thing they mention when I meet them years down the line,” Charlotte says, and adds that the things we find memorable are often connected to feelings – to dedication, experiences, a sense of community, and to the intimacy of the moment.

This served as the starting point for the book which she and Nanna Balsby published in 2018.

Besides singing, Charlotte loves to tell anecdotes and stories from her own life – especially if there’s a moral or punch line to the story, which others can recognize or laugh at. Because it’s often the amusing stories which we remember, pass on – and learn from.

“There are plenty of books within the field of the experience economy, which focus on presenting theory and research. We felt there was a lack of easily approachable books for students and employees from the experience industry – written with stories, humour, and charm. We wanted our book to be different and to stand out by being professional, inclusive, and funny,’ she states, and goes on to say that it was important to her that the book ’Man synger da ikke på et universitet’ stimulated the senses.

People should want to flick through it, and it should draw their attention lying on a coffee table with its pink colours and the almost lacquered cover. And then it needed to have loads of golden confetti for the reader, both mentally and physically, in the shape of the little bag which she and Nanna Balsby included at the back of the book.

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