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Nanna Balsby

Nanna Balsby

Great hosting begins with great experiences

In collaboration with Charlotte Emmery, Nanna as authored the book “Man synger da ikke på et universitet“.

The book is a colourful and sensuous collection of main theories and talking points from the fields of hosting and events, made down-to-earth through the use of cases and stories from the authors’ many years in the business.

“The combination of cases, illustrations, and photos is exactly what is needed in order to implement the core messages of the tools and theories in question into tourism businesses, cultural organisations etc.” Nanna emphasises.

Through the book’s ‘Host Compass’ and ‘Experience Compass’ the reader gets an intimate insight into the situations, challenges, and possibilities which will strengthen the act of hosting and the associated experience. The book is furthermore being used by several communication- and tourism-based educations where it serves as a basic introduction- and practical book.

Nanna Balsby is a tourism developer and the founder of ‘Sightseers’, a new consultancy firm within the field of tourism, experiences, and communication. In addition to this, she is the co-owner of Denmark’s new tree-top hotel ‘Løvtag’, which offers suites eight meters off the ground in a dense forest by Mariager Fjord.

“The tourism- and experience industry primarily consists of medium- to small- to micro-sized businesses, where every-day life is centred around solving assignments with short deadlines, and ensuring the happiness of guests during a busy work day. People don’t necessarily have the needed time or energy to read long – often academic – books, but their interest for developing their businesses, employees, and themselves is significant.”

It is within this span that Nanna finds a great deal of inspiration and joy – both professionally and privately.

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