Books that entertain and enlighten

Get Ajour Publishing is a part of the storytelling-agency Get Ajour, which provides workshops and core-value stories for passionate businesses with a desire to make a difference.

For this very reason, Get Ajour Publishing publishes books which entertain, make you think, and inspire. Books with a human touch, which use personal stories and practically founded professionalism to build bridges and a sense of community between people. 

We believe that we can learn from one another – that we people have a unique ability to act out, experience, and live through each other’s stories – if they are told in a sensuous manner with a narrative that is engaging, surprising, and inspiring.  All in all, we believe that we can learn about life and ourselves by listening to and focusing on … each other.

Get Ajour Publishing tells stories in order to lay the foundation for a greater sense of knowledge, empathy, indentification, and change – and we do so by using all of the techniques and elements which make up a good story.

The publishing company does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, but if you’re an aspiring writer, you are welcome to send us a short pitch of the idea for your book. We will contact you, and potentially ask your for a short sample or manuscript.

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