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Frank Mail spent a significant part of his youth living at Kronborg Castle in Elsinore. His father became a castle guard, and later on head guard, which meant that the family moved into staff accomodation at the foot of the castle. Today, Frank himself is one of the castle’s caring hands – and he tells the story of his life and the work that goes on behind the scenes at one of Europe’s most well-preserved renaissance castles, in the newly-released book: ‘Kronbog – Stories Untold’ .

Steen Graham Holm. Carin Amdi Hansen. Vanja Mia Schwartz. All three are craftsmen. All three have left their mark on Kronborg. Meet them as they set eyes upon the book for the very first time. The book which portrays them and their lives – which places them within the scope of Danish history and matches each of them with a famous historical character from the castle’s past. 

May 20th, 2020: ‘Kronborg – Stories Untold’ arrives at Get Ajour Publishing

Meet Benny the Plumber and hear what Kronborg means to him, and what his daily life on top of its spires and copper-plated roofs looks like. 

Steen Graham Holm is a bricklayer at Kronborg – and he is one of the 14 people portrayed in a brand new book about Kronborg Castle: “Kronborg – Stories Untold”.

Carin Amdi Hansen is a stonemason at Kronborg and she is one of the 14 people portrayed in a brand new book about Kronborg Castle:“Kronborg – Stories Untold”.

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